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Even after the grueling tax season gets over, your clients come in every day with more work and queries. Like Dave wrote in his reaction, “the landscape of business has already changed”. Leveraging cloud technology for your business is not a brand new concept, but if you’ve been dragging your feet you’re not alone. Less than 10% of small businesses are cloud connected; however, this minority is blazing the trail for everyone else. This is a must-attend event to stay ahead of the game, see the latest technology, network with peers, and more.

Global Software Leaders Xero and Stripe Join Forces to Bring Seamless Payments to Millions of Small Businesses – Business Wire

Global Software Leaders Xero and Stripe Join Forces to Bring Seamless Payments to Millions of Small Businesses.

Posted: Tue, 18 Jun 2019 07:00:00 GMT [source]

This episode of The Cloud Accounting Podcast is sponsored by LivePlan. Did you know that millions of small businesses use LivePlan products to start their business? Did you know that these small businesses prefer a cloud-based accounting solution two times more versus a desktop solution?

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That’s because marketing is all about finding new clients and showing them why you’re the better choice out of all your competitors. Like other tasks or business processes, marketing requires resources, or a…

Or if not pick up a conversation with various XERO folk, sure they’ll help show you the product if you need. But this is not just about trying out XERO but ensuring you have a listening ear on the other side. However we all know that relationships are equally important, that’s why we strive to build them with our client base. The primary reason many XERO users and accountants go to XERO Con, to get a sneak peek on the new things before anyone gets to use them.

Did you know that 89 percent of these small business owners prefer virtual advisory services? Did you know that the number-one thing they want from an expert advisor is strategic planning and review? This is even more than general-ledger accounting and bookkeeping services.

AccountingWEB Live Summit is Coming – Accountingweb.com

AccountingWEB Live Summit is Coming.

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Steve Vamos commented that global cloud adoption is only at around 20% which represents a massive opportunity to help clients digitize their business still. They are 3-5 years ahead of us when it comes to innovation in accounting. Xerocon is an excellent forum for not only our partners, but also our investor communities.

Accountantsworld Acquired By Iris Software Group

Xerocon 2019 brought the world’s most innovative and exciting cloud accounting conference to San Diego. The event inspired attendees with incredible keynote speakers, engaging activities, and exciting product releases. Another announcement, which I’m personally quite excited about, is a global collaboration with PwC, which now allows local PwC firms around the world to provide quick and easy access for their clients to the Xero platform.

xerocon san diego

We plan to host various virtual and in-person meetups in cities across the Americas. We have an aggressive plan for memberships and partnerships growth, to provide our members with the best in class tools and resources.

We are a team of XERO-certified accountants serving many Xero silver, gold and platinum partners – we know what we are doing. You can do tax on its own, but as you get it online, you’re going to have bigger opportunity to go on to advisory. And be sure to check out the LivePlan method to learn how to grow and scale your advisory business. We need all the help we can get these days, which is why the government has extended the Employee Retention Credit or ERC program that helps business owners like you to keep your team members on your payroll.

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He introduced his keynote with the statistic that 50% of small businesses fold within five years. Comparatively, 85% of small businesses connected to a Xero accountant are still in business after five years. It’s a statistic that we’ve had on our website for about a year now, but in that moment of Steve’s presentation it felt like it finally sunk into me just what we’ve been able to do for our clients. I’ve spent a lot of time … I’ve been with Xero for seven years. I’ve spent an enormous amount of time over the last two-and-a-half years everywhere across the United States. I’ve been to places in Alabama I can’t even remember the name of. Now, there are differences, but I think we’ve spent a lot of time going, “What parts of the global playbook are relevant, and then, where are the differences?

xerocon san diego

The Bookkeeper360 team attends Xerocon to ensure that the absolute best integrations, platforms, processes, and solutions are available to all clients. The continuous focus on education and awareness is key to the overall success of cloud accountants. The Xero advisor community engages accountants in a social way and encourages team-building and excitement within accounting. Bookkeeper360 is excited to continue to invest in our culture and team’s knowledge of the accounting industry’s evolution. While small businesses can already schedule and automatically send recurring invoices from Xero, the new auto pay feature means they can now be paid automatically by their own customers as well. The global partnership, announced at Xerocon San Diego 2019, will enable new payments experiences that are more seamless and efficient for small business owners and their advisors around the world.

“While innovations in financial services haven’t accelerated as quickly as the needs and demands of a modern business, digital challenger banks like Novo are leading the charge.” Currently, the majority of small businesses still spend a substantial amount of time reconciling financial statements manually, increasing their exposure to accounting errors and compliance risk. Integrating with Xero gives entrepreneurs on-demand access to their business’s financial health data, directly impacting their bottom line. Anyone that knows me professionally, knows that I love accounting and that I love working in the bookkeeping industry. But what they may not know is that recently I took up the art of making homemade jam. For a long time, I wanted to learn how to preserve foods with canning and the like. The National Association of Black Accountants took place from June 19 through June 23, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017 — Double Rule kickstarted their series of computer literacy programs which aims to help kids in adapting with today’s technology and gain confidence as they face the modern world. When having these conversations, keep in mind, its an abundance mindset. Keeping your secrets to yourself does nothing but keep you from learning and identifying better apps, workflows and processes. I’ve been told that accountants are boring, that they don’t know how to have fun. I kind of stood by that until my very first XERO Con, I recall we stayed till the very end of the said part, which I think ran until 1 or 2 am – with the dancefloor still full. So I’d say it’s certainly something that may tip you over if you haven’t been convinced before.

To learn more about this exciting offer from Halon Tax, head over to CloudAccountingPodcast.com/halontax. That is Cloud Accounting Podcast dot com forward slash H-A-L-O-N-T-A-X. I don’t know how many partners I’ve sat with and said, “Explain to me what advisory is,” and we’re making the big black box seem bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Our North American Benchmarking Survey showed if the advisory opportunity is, let’s say, $10 extra revenue, $6.50 sits in what we call the simple advisory bucket. That’s budgeting, forecasting, tax planning, meeting with your client more regularly around growth and things like that.

Near the end I asked him about his views on the Uberization of the profession with the launch of Quickbooks Live and in the same breath, H&R Block’s acquisition of Wave Accounting was mentioned. While there is no confirmation whatsoever by H&R Block or anyone else that they are getting into the Uber-type bookkeeping space, it may certainly make sense and perhaps Xero is monitoring this closely. Tony Ward, the new President of the Americas at Xero, also commented on stage during a fireside chat with Steve that Xero only has about 3% of the addressable market with 90% of businesses in the Americas not on cloud accounting. Clearly they see a big opportunity to move more business to the platform. Stripe, a global payments processor, helps businesses get paid 15 days faster.

Xero And Stripe Delivering First Class Payment Experience

With the introduction of Integration Partners down in the UK, and I do expect similar rollouts around the world, there could also be opportunities to find partners that help you identify the right tools to bring to your clients. As Cliche, as it may sound, going to XEROCon, is not just about XERO. Since their launch XERO have been well aware that to succeed in the cloud market, you need a host of integrations. Take the time to speak to your account managers, if you have one.

A focus of improving the solutions provided to business owners is a direct result of Xero’s partnership efforts. As the founder of Hubdoc, a Xero subsidiary, Jamie focused on how customer feedback influenced the build of their product. The focus on a single global platform built on AWS allowed for the foundation of machine learning to be constructed. Hubdoc has had over one billion machine learning recommendations and has saved 307 hours each day collectively since being acquired by Xero. Xero understands the impact their software has on small businesses and will be making an effort to focus on the community as their company matures. In an effort to focus on education and philanthropy, Xero has also established a forward fund – which will fund current accounting college students educational costs. The next day during his keynote address, Craig shared a little of the story of our Jam-Off and he also shared the picture below.

Xero And Stripe Partner For Payment Processing

Xero and Stripe are building new tools to invoice customers more efficiently, bring additional insights on their business performance and get paid, no matter how or where they do business. This annual accounting conference takes place at the San Diego Convention Center. The Xerocon San Diego 2019 has a heavy focus on tools and technology. Accountants who want to stay up-to-date on the latest software and apps should plan to attend it.

  • Nick encouraged an open platform for innovation by mentioning the ability for 3rd party developers to become involved with the future of the Cloud.
  • Some of the topics include skills that are needed in order to maintain CPA licensure and hot topics in sales taxes.
  • We are encouraged by the camaraderie and collaboration in the community; seeing members share referrals, best practices, and troubleshooting issues in real-time.
  • They are 3-5 years ahead of us when it comes to innovation in accounting.
  • If you haven’t already moved your business to the Cloud, consider doing so as that will not only make it working with outsourced accountants much more comfortable but also help you retrieve your data whenever you need it.
  • Kanungo explained that we are a part of an exponential era and accountants will be a major part of this shift in change.

I also found it interesting that PwC was starting to speak like a software. Perhaps this is a growing trend as we see tech startups pouring into the accounting & bookkeeping space. Last year alone, Xero processed over $2.8 trillion in transaction volume, with $658.6 billion in invoices generated on Xero. These figures confirm the growth of Xero’s cloud accounting platform for thousands of businesses worldwide. With 35 countries in the Americas we have focused on the bi-lingual English/Spanish speaking markets and identified the leading cloud accounting apps for each country. While we are platform agnostic many of the early members outside the U.S. are using the global version of Xero and found ways to utilize the app in their respective countries with add-ons. One of the key compliance add-ons for Latin America is Facturante, an e-invoicing solution that Contabi Director Gonzalo Alvarez De Toledo helped scope and launch in the Xero Marketplace.

That’s where QXAS enters the picture to address these issues with its professional and reliable accounting services. Given that you don’t physically interact on a daily basis, clear communication is the most critical aspect of working with outsourced accountants. Schedule regular calls with them to ensure that work is happening as per the schedule, and assist them if they have any difficulties. By releasing consistent, quality content that xerocon san diego others can find value in will generate an audience that you will be able to market to. Outside of gathering footage for the newsletter video, with my background in digital marketing I had several seminars that were relevant to my career and interests. Outside of the conference, we had a chance to catch a Padres game with some of the friends we made in the Xero community and PetCo Park is a beautiful stadium that I highly recommend.

Now, Halon Tax is working with bookkeepers and accountants like yourself to offer the same amazing experience to your small business clients. They’re even offering a one-year free trial to all your clients. To learn more about this exciting offer from Halon Tax, head over to CloudAccountingPodcast.promo/halontax. That is Cloud Accounting Podcast dot promo forward slash H-A-L-O-N-T-A-X.

Some of the inspiring keynote speakers include Xero CEO Steve Vamos, Stanford University lecturer Kelly McGonigal, and disruptive strategist Shawn Kanungo. The above exchange highlights the fact that Xero is looking to go big and team up with other big players to help push innovation. Hubdoc was acquired recently, there is a new deeper partnership with Stripe and also a global agreement with PwC. Straight from Tony’s mouth is that we can expect more of these kinds of things to happen.

Global Software Leaders Xero And Stripe Join Forces To Bring Seamless Payments To Millions Of Small

Smart machine learning features in Xero can automatically reconcile transactions in the ledger, enabling greater data accuracy and providing an up-to-date view of their cash flow in one place. Reflecting the diversity of the American small business landscape, Novo users range from sole-proprietors to high-growth startups from all 50 states. We partnered with Time Inc & Essence Beauty Box to produce a 40′ x 40′ booth at the Essence Festival Marketplace. I managed all inventory and worked with the team to train BAs and manage logistics for the 3-day event.

The biggest highlight for The Back Room came on Day Two, when Wayne participated in the breakout session lead by Matt Wilkinson of Bizink. During the session, Wayne had the chance to share his journey in offshoring and his marketing efforts at The Back Room. Plus, you’ll get my weekly Top 5 email curating helpful, innovative content for your modern firm. Nick Houldsworth continued in the spirit of Craig Walker’s partnerships topics in the form of Bank feed APIs releases and 3rd party application development. Sign up for a personalized demo of the app and get 20% off your first three months of services.